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Bristol Blenheim

When viewed at its launch in 1994, replacing both types Brigand and Britannia, details of this new derivation of the Type 603 Saloon amply justified the adoption of yet another famous Bristol Aeroplane Company name for this type.

The first Blenheim reverted to a single performance specification. Though initially still plated as a 603S3, later models were numbered as 603S4.

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The curved lower edge of the grille aperture of the new Blenheim emulates the grille chrome trim used on the early 410 and the 411 s3 lighting treatment is remembered in a return to the use of siamised driving lamps.
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Blenheim and its namesake side by side and ready for takeoff.
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Bristol Blenheim pauses for shelter beneath its namesake's wing.
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The Blenheim takes its leave after another successful Bristol Club Annual Day and Concours d'Élégance in September 1996.

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Bristol Blenheim 2

In 1998 another gestation of the Blenheim was introduced to the motoring press with a markedly altered and smoother rear end treatment; it was also announced that it would be available in both standard and high performance state of tune.

Full description

Bristol Cars do not just "build classic cars". The Blenheim range are modern cars employing all the latest technology. The difference is that they are still hand made and inspected to the highest standard of traditional British excellence and aircraft tradition, and have separate chassis with Aluminium lightweight coachwork.

Blenheim Bomber and Blenheim Car
Now part of our heritage: the last remaining flying example of the Bristol Blenheim Bomber of WW2 vintage; and alongside, the Blenheim car.

Changes and Specifications presented by the Manufacturer
(Source: launch data)

Unique Bristol features retained on the BRISTOL BLENHEIM 2

Wheel base114 inches2.900 metres
Track front56.16 inches1.426 metres
Track Rear56.61 inches1.438 metres
Weight3884pounds1762 Kg
Length191.37 inches4.860 metres
Height56.62 inches1.440 metres
Width69.50inches1.765 metres
Turning circle469 inches11.912 metres
Speed per 1000 rpm40.72 MPH65.53 Km/h)
PRICE LIST effective from 1 August 1998
VAT£ 18,550
Total Cost£ 124,550
Possible alternatives and Prices
ROLLS ROYCE Seraph £ 155,000
BENTLEY Arnage £ 145,000
BENTLEY Continental T £ 233,000
ASTON MARTIN V8 £ 149,000
FERRARI (4 seat version) £ 173,589

Prices and Taxes valid on 1.08.1998 E&OE

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Bristol Blenheim 3

In due course the Blenheim was further extensively modified and in its turn the front was heavily modified. The Blenheim 3 was introduced on 1999-11-10. Like its predecessor, it is available in various states of tune, to customer requirement.

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Closed boot (450Kb .jpg)


open boot GENERAL

The new body blends modern elements with traditional Bristol style to give a sleek, rounded silhouette that will look distinguished in any company. The smooth new shape so confers aerodynamic benefits that will be appreciated on long continental journeys or in poor weather conditions at home.

inner door seat back rear seats


Bristol have always been famous for cossetting and supporting their occupants in a way that is unparalleled. To this end, Blenheim 3 introduces new "armchair" style seats which are tall and deeply contoured to hold you securely and with unrivalled comfort over any distance.

Softly wrapping over these exceptional seats is a new soft, silky and flawless leather specially selected and processed in batches for Bristol Cars. Such quality cannot be found in any rival. Rear passengers can now enjoy concealed lockable storage compartments with veneered fold-out drinks trays or the "Town Limousine" interior which allows a special slimline front passenger seat to be folded forward when not in use affording effortless entry to the rear seats and almost unlimited leg-room.


There is much new for the driving enthusiast to savour. New, clearer instrumentation is matched to improved fascia lighting based on recent scientific research. Optional automatic headlamp illumination and an electronic reversing aid system is available.

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A restyled centre console with short, precise transmission selector communicates with automatic transmission.


Click for 70Kb image Under the bonnet the new TS3 series engine confers a considerable uplift to the Blenheim's already brilliant performance. Changes include a higher compression ration, improved new engine management system to ensure that available torque is increased throughout the engine's rev-range giving outstanding performance, engine response and fuel efficiency. Smooth and whisper quiet around town, Blenheim 3 can summon a super car type surge any time the mood takes you.
Enhanced high speed control is assured by a more precise steering linkage and a 28% increase in suspension roll stiffness.


The latest tyre developments are incorporated as standard while larger wheels and lower profile tyres are available as options for the first time.


A special handling package is available as an option for the first time, and is available for those who see high speed driving as their primary intent and this uses a new patented variable rate damper, allowing firm high speed control without spoiling the car's low speed ride. While retaining all Bristol's traditional virtues, Blenheim 3 S sets delightful new standards of performance, luxury and style.


The Blenheim 3 G offers another option - to have the vehicle supplied ready converted to run on liquid petroleum gas or LPG, whilst retaining the facility to revert to Petroleum Spirit should the need occour. This can have significant savings to the high milage user, though a certain amount of space is required for the LPG tanks and there is a handling penalty when fully loaded due to the disposition of additional weight when both types of tank are fully charged.

Further enquiries may be directed to the head office and showrooms:
Bristol Cars Ltd
368/370, Kensington High Street, London, W14 8NL.
Tel: 020 7603 5556

In 1996, the UK Motor Industry celebrated 100 years. - - - - - - Bristol Cars celebrated 50 years.

Bristol Blenheim 4

Further evolution of the Blenheim type includes the following significant changes:

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