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The 2-Litre Cars

Fitted with Bristol Aeroplane Co. engine and manual gearbox

Manufactured by Bristol Aeroplane Company (Car Division) Ltd

2-litre statistics

(Production, speed and economy indicators are approximate.)

TypeYearUntilProduction Orig
Price (£)
Engine LengthWidth HeightWeight
40019461950 4692,373/14/6d85A 15' 3"5' 4"4' 11"22½90+ 24-6
40119481953 6183,213/3/4d85C 15' 11½"5' 7"5'2495-100 24
40219491950 213,213/13/4d85C 15' 11½"5' 7"??95? 24?
45019521955 4N/ABSX 14' 8"5' 4"?16.315215*
403 19531955 2812,976/2/6d100A 15' 11½"5' 7"5'25100? 24
404523,542/15/10d100B/100C 14' 3¼"5' 8"4' 7¾"20½105 25
Arnolt19531958 142$3,995BS1 Mk2 13' 11"5' 8"3' 8"19109 24
40519541958 3093,188/12/6d100/B2 15' 9¼"5' 8"4' 9½"24¼110 24
40619581961 1814,493/17/-110 16' 4"5' 8"5'26.9100+ 22

* Calculated during 1955 Le Mans 24-hour race

Engine data

EngineCarBHP @ RPM CRValve Timing Remarks
8540075 @ 42007.4:1 10:50:50:10 A straight-six engine with OHV and a single AAPI dual-port carburettor. Contemporary manual quotes CR later increased to 7.5:1. Very rare.
85A40080 @ 42007.5:1Used triple D2 type SU carburettors, interconnected & with auxiliary starting device; oil cooler in cylinder block.
85B40085 @ 50007.4:1? Contemporary manual refers to “sports model fitted with special camshaft”, but no valve timing data. CR later raised to 7.5:1. Few made.
85C400-40285 @ 50007.5:110:50:50:10 Oil cooler in block was blanked off on later engines; triple Solex 32 B1 type carbs. Substantial production.
100A403100 @ 50007.5:1 15:65:65:15 Had large “stepped” oil sump, larger inlet valves, lightened valve gear; crank pins were of larger dimensions. Rubber torsional damper. Last few had CR raised to 8.5:1
100B404, 405DH, AC105 @ 5000 8.5:1 Single six-branch exhaust manifold; big-bore exhaust system; Girling viscous damper
100B240536:72:72:36 Two 3-branch exhaust manifolds; twin pipe small-bore exhaust system
100C404125 @ 55009.0:1 40:80:80:40 Offered as alternative to 100B, but few chose it, hence very rare
100DACE, ACECA128 @ 57509.0:1 The triple Solexes were fitted with accelerator pumps, and the Big Nose crankshaft had a Holset viscous damper. A powerful yet reliable engine, much sought after
BS1Cooper132 @ 57509.5:1? Larger mains than road models; lighter valve gear
BS1A??10:1? As BS1 but cyl. head skimmed to increase CR
BS1 Mk2Arnolt130 @ 55009.0:140:80:80:40 8.5pt sump; full flow oil filter
BS1 Mk3?142 @ 57509.5:1 ? As BS1 except: Girling viscous crankshaft damper; carburettor butterflies streamlined; redesigned small nose crank; twin rocker box breather pipes; no oil filter; sports type oil sump
BS1A Mk3?148 @ 575010:1 As BS1 Mk3 but without dynamo or starter
BS4 Mk1 ?142 @ 5750 9.0:1 As BS1 Mk3 except: Girling or Hobson viscous crankshaft damper; anti-surge baffles in sump; polished and blended ports
BS4 Mk2 As Mk1 except oil filter was fitted; gear-driven camshaft, side-mounted magneto drive or distributor
BS4A Mk2155 @ 600011:1 As BS4 Mk2 except new pistons give CR of 10.5:1 or 11:1; jockey pulley as belt tensioner; no air cleaners, dynamo, starter or engine torque brackets; distributor drive by bevel gears at front
BSX450155 @ 6000
170 @ 7000
As BS4A Mk2 except: Twin-choke Solex carbs with accelerator pumps; air straighteners; 1.56" diam. inlet valves; 12-port head; additional water pump; special multi-pipe exhaust. More power from engine as finally developed, with higher octane and higher CR.
110406105 @ 47008.5:136:72:72:36 Engine capacity enlarged to 2216 cc: no more power than the 100B2, but better torque, so very suitable for heavy luxury saloons. Production quite small.
110S406Z130 @ 57509.0:140:80:80:40 Supplied for handful of AC Greyhound saloons and the short run of Zagato 406s; used Abarth twin pipe exhaust system