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Regalia News

As we did last year, the Regalia Section had a very successful Concours and I am now in the middle of relenishing my depleted stocks.

This year we had only two additions to the list and these are firstly, the Bristol Bear, a small honey coloured teddy bear wearing either a red or blue T shirt with the Club Logo and jointed limbs. Just the thing to have sitting somewhere in the car to keep an eye on things! He, or she, is priced at £12.50 with postage at £1.50. Worth bearing (excuse the pun) in mind for Christmas if I may mention that word so early.

The second new item is a ladies' sports/rugby shirt to complement the one for gentlemen we introduced last year. It comes in navy blue with the Bristol script logo in blue, with a white collar and reveals, and looks so good, and fetching! that at least three were ordered by gentlemen at the Concours for their own use.

Discontinued Item

Will members please note that the cooler bags which were a new item last year have now been discontinued. They are no longer available in the existing type and our supplier is not happy with the quality of the substitutes offered. I will continue to look for a replacement and add it to the list when something turns up.

Special Offers

At the Concours we reduced the price of some items as an experiment and found that they sold well so I am keeping the reductions in place until Christmas just to tempt you with some stocking fillers. The prices are as follows:

  • Beanie Hats: normally £7.50, now £3.50, but only two left!
  • Silver plated letter openers: normally £15.00, now £10.00.
  • Coasters: normally £1.00 each, now 50p
  • Gold Portfolio Hard Backed Books: normally £27.95 inc. postage, now £20.00, but please include £2.00 towards postage costs.

BOC Credit Card Facility

The club has now acquired a credit card facility so as from now it is possible to order items using your credit or debit card. All you have to do is telephone or write including your card type, the exact name on the card, the card number, valid from/to dates, the issue number for switch cards and the last three digits of the security number on the back. This should make ordering items from the Club much more convenient, particularly for our overseas members and, I hope, increase our sales!

To order, please see our online catalogue. This enables you to place credit-card orders online, as well as allowing you to generate a printed form for ordering by post.

Site update

Update notifications (2006-10-06)

Now that all the major browsers support RSS, site updates will not usually appear here (unless they are long and detailed), but instead via our new RSS feed.

If you have an RSS-equipped browser, you should see an icon (an orange rectangle with semicircles in it) on your browser's toolbar, or perhaps in the address (URL) window allowing you to link, and optionally subscribe, to our feeds. There are many feeds on this site; the main one is public and lists site updates for members and visitors; the others give specialized updates for our forum, calendar and knowledge-base areas.

Browser support

This site is designed for up-to-date browsers. The following are recommended, in order:

  1. Opera v. 10.10 (download Opera here) — this browser is quick, robust, powerful and workmanlike. Features:
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    • Good advert-blocking
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    • Gets most things right
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Please avoid using Microsoft Internet Explorer v6. It creates a great deal of unnecessary traffic by issuing incorrect requests, and (since the webmaster receives an e-mail every time a web site error occurs) he can be deluged by twenty or thirty e-mails every time IE6 hits certain pages. Please upgrade to a more recent browser!

Secure Pages

Our web site now has SSL security enabled, making it safer to place credit card orders online for subscriptions, events and regalia.

BOC Forum

In-house forum

The new forum areas are hosted on-site. See the forum page for further details — or just go there!

Yahoo Group (2003-09-25)

The (old) Forum is hosted at Yahoo as the BOCForum. Mails sent to the forum are optionally e-mailed to participants, who may elect instead to read them online. To join, click on join.

New approach to Registration at DVLA

DVLA at Swansea, in cooperation with the Club Registrar and the Manufacturers, have now completed their pilot study based upon Bristol Cars and as a result have set up a section to deal with the revisions of V5 documents to thereon correctly state make and type number as well as the full chassis number, including series, version etc.

If you wish to take advantage of this development, you will need to send your V5 with a covering letter, stating that it is returned for correction and replacement to : VCS/MSU/DGFW, Ref/BRISTOL, DVLC, SWANSEA SA6 7JL.

Note that the procedure may take up to 8 weeks. Telephone calls, if answered, will not connect you to the person responsible, but will advise you to send a letter or "fax" (a precursor of e-mail). If you follow this advice, you will discover that letters and faxes are not acknowledged, let alone answered. However, the procedure, albeit slow, does seem to be reliable. Patience, therefore, is essential.

MoT certificates are not affected, but Road Fund Taxation Discs will be altered as required on renewal.

Note: This only applies to cars registered in the United Kingdom.

This approach to vehicle documentation will now be expanded to cover the products of other low volume manufacturers in the UK, and will help in the development of newer documentation to be adopted for the start of the 21st century.

Stolen Cars

  • Arnolt Chassis number 3111, body colour Red, Engine No. BS1/Mk2/313, notified stolen in July 2005. Location: Missouri, USA.
  • Type 405, chassis number 4238, UK reg. no. TCD405, body colour green, engine no. 100B2/4257, reported obtained by a false instrument in October 2003.
  • Type 411, chassis number 7542, UK reg. no. DYH896J, body colour grey, engine number D383-244-6-18, reported stolen in London in February 2002.
  • Type 409, Chassis number 409-7304, UK reg. no. KPJ123C, body colour blue with silver roof, engine number 1641.91615C, reported stolen in November 1992.
  • Type 409, Chassis number 409-7331, body colour silver, was reported by a loss assessor. UK registration DHD 149D. See also note below.
  • Type 410, Chassis number 410-7404, body colour blue, was stolen in London during summer 1996. UK registration RPL 675F. Engine type and number (now correctly identified thanks to the assistance of Bristol Cars Ltd) 318-9-21A — note suffix is A not K.

N.B. Any owners or traders offered Bristol parts, or a car without proper documentation, should carefully check vehicle or parts number details. If either of these cars are advertised or seen anywhere, please report details/location to the Police and to any club official.