Contact the BOC

If you’ve got a question or would like a friendly conversation about joining the Bristol Owners’ Club, our committee members, officers and regional representatives are listed below (with email addresses).

We suggest contacting the secretary for your region in the first instance.

If you’re ready to join or simply want to know more about fees or benefits, please see our Membership page.


Chairman: Turplin Dixon –

General Secretary & GDPR Contact: Geoff Hawkins – 

Treasurer:  Paul Sheppard –

Membership Secretary: Geoffrey Herdman –

Core Events Secretary: 


Interim Bulletin Editor:  Justin Marozzi –

Newsletter Editor: Sam Frost – 

Web Editor:

Technical, Services and Spares:


FBHVC: Peter Campbell –

General Registrar: Geoff Hawkins –

Associate Clubs & Overseas

North American Registrar: Peter McGough –

Arnolt Bristol Registrar: POSITION VACANT

BRoNZ Registrar: Stuart Smith –

BOC of Australia: Iain Ross –