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> A4Mono1.20

Post & Packing

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Drivers' Handbooks (Instruction Manuals)

402Not available
412 *5.881.807.68
603 *8.161.809.96
* includes wiring diagram

Spare Parts Handbooks

400WD400Wiring Diagram only0.120.360.48
400SP400Spare Parts Handbook18.603.6022.20
401SP401Spare Parts Handbook11.402.4013.80
401SP402Use Type 401 spares handbookas 401
403SP403Spare Parts Handbook9.002.4011.40
-404, 405(see Workshop Manual)N/A
406SP406Spare Parts Handbook6.841.808.64
407SP407Spare Parts Handbook6.721.808.52
408/9/10SP408, 409, 410Parts Handbook8.882.4011.28


Workshop Manuals are usually supplied reduced to A5 format, but are also available to spacial order in A4 size to high quality print standards. No original style binding is available, but they can be punched 2 or 4 holes to fit proprietary binders. For further information, contact the Reprint Secretary.

400400Complete Manual (unbound)41.887.2049.08
400WD400Wiring Diagram from Driver's Handbook0.120.360.48
40123401, 402, 403Complete Manual (unbound)44.767.2051.96
401LC400 - 404Lubrication Chart0.120.360.48
40123A400 - 403Introductions, Specifications, recomm. Lubricants and Lubricant Data1.320.902.22
40123B"Engine, Exhaust System, including Special Engine Tools and Modifications7.561.208.76
40123C"Water Cooling System and Tools1.800.902.70
40123D"Fuel System, including modifications4.801.206.00
40123F"Gearbox and Propeller shaft, and Tools3.480.904.38
40123G"Rear Axle, Rear Suspension and Tools5.281.206.48
40123H"Front Suspension, including Tools3.120.904.02
40123J"Braking System2.880.903.78
40123K"Steering gear, including Tools1.440.902.34
40123L"Wheels, Brakes, Drums, Hubs and Tyres0.720.901.62
40123M"Chassis Frame Repair0.600.901.50
40123N"Enots “One Shot” Lubrication System0.600.901.50
400P400Electrical system2.880.903.78
40123P401, 402, 403Electrical System3.720.904.62
40123Q401 - 403Body5.761.206.96
403WD403Wiring Diagram from Driver's Handbook0.120.360.48
4045404, 405Complete Manual (unbound)41.287.2048.48
4045A"Introductions, Specifications, recomm. Lubricants and Lubricant Data0.720.901.62
4045B"Engine, Engine Electrical7.801.209.00
4045C"Gearbox and Overdrive5.040.905.94
4045E"Engine Cooling System1.080.901.98
4045F"Front Suspension1.680.902.58
4045H"Rear Suspension1.920.902.82
4045J"Braking System2.160.903.06
4045K"Differential unit2.040.902.94
4045L"Propeller Shaft0.480.901.38
4045M"Enots “One Shot” Lubrication System0.480.901.38
4045N"Exhaust System0.720.901.62
4045P"Fuel System0.840.901.74
4045Q"Electrical System3.840.904.74
4045S"Heater and Demister0.960.901.86
4045U"Special Tools4.921.206.12
4078407, 408Complete Manual (unbound)14.402.4016.80
4078A"Specification and Maintenance Chart1.680.902.58
4078E"Steering and Front Suspension0.720.901.62
4078F"Rear Axle and Suspension0.360.901.26
4078G"Electrical System and Wiring Diagram from Instruction Book2.161.203.36
409410409, 410409 and 410 Wiring Diagram0.600.601.20
404XArnoltComplete Manual53.764.8058.56
2L140085A Engine & Gearbox7.082.409.48
2L2404, 405100B & 100B2 Engine, Gearbox & Overdrive13.682.4016.08
2L3"Instruction for Maintenance of Laycock de Normanville Overdrive Unit8.762.4011.16
100C406100C, 100D & 100D2 Engine & Gearbox9.361.2010.56



Originals are available while stocks last. Thereafter, photocopy reprints are made available. Costs are detailed immediately below:

  1 -  600.901.92
 61 -  691.204.56
 70 -  71N/A
 72 -  742.402.88
 75 - 1092.88Call
110 -5.00N/A

Originals will be supplied if these are still available, otherwise photocopies will be provided. (Members may also access selected articles online in the members-only area of the site.)

The available bulletins are as follows:

1Spring 1965Arnolt Bristol
2Summer 1965Bristol-engined Bristols
3Autumn 1965Esher Concours
4Winter 1965What is a Bristol owner?
5Spring 1966Bristolising the 328
6Summer 19661966 Concours
7Autumn 1966Brentford Market Driving Tests
8Winter 1966-
9Spring 1967An unusual Bristol
10Summer 1967Sparking Plugs for 2-litres
11Autumn 1967Chapter 1 – "How It All Began"
12Winter 1967Chapter 2 – "Out of a Pint Pot"
13Spring 1968Chairman's Annual Report
14Summer 1968Chapter 4 – "The Arnolt Bristol"
15Autumn/Winter 1968A Bootless 405
16Spring 1969Chapter 3 – "The Big Step Forward"
17Summer 1969Chapter 5 – "Businessman's Express"
18Autumn 1969Chapter 6 – "Definitive Bristol"
19Winter 1969Chapter 7 – "Drophead"
20Spring 1970Bristols at Penshurst Place
21Summer 1970Chapter 8 – "Bristol 406"
22Autumn 1970Chapter 9 – "BS Racing Engines"
23Spring 1971Chapter 10 – "Bristol 407"
24Autumn 1971Concours 1971
25Winter 1971Chapter 11 – "Bristol 408"
26Spring 1972Rallying in Rhodesia
27Summer 1972Chapter 12 – "The 409"
28Autumn 1972Affiliation Exercise
29Winter 1972Chapter 13 – "The 410"
30Spring 1973Our Competition Programme
31Summer 1973The Competition Scene
32Autumn 1973Competitions Galore
33Winter 1973/74Competition Final Score
34Spring 1974Engine Development
35Summer 1974Penshurst Place 1974
36December 19741974Concours Results
37Spring 1975Competition – Another Year
38Summer 1975The Channer Lecture
39Autumn 1975Concours 1975
40Spring 1976Corrosion
41Summer 1976The Sevier Lecture
42Autumn 1976Bristol Day & Concours 1976
43Summer 1977Chairman's Report 1976
44Winter 1977Bristol Day & Concours 1977
45Spring 1978AMOC Sprint at Curborough
46Summer 1978Spares Questionnaire
47Autumn 1978Crankshaft Torsional Vibrations
48Winter 1978Bristol Day & Concours '78
49Spring 1979Chapter 1 – "The Bristol Story"
50Summer 1979Chapter 2 – "Type 403"
51Winter 1979Chapter 3 – "Type 404"
52Spring 1980Chapter 4 – "Arnolt Bristol"
53Summer 1980Chapter 5 – "Type 405 Saloon"
54Autumn 1980Chapter 6 – "The Convertibles"
55Winter 1980Chapter 7 – "Quart out of a Pint Pot"
56Spring 1981Chapter 8 – "Type 406 – Flying Kettle"
57Summer 1981Chapter 9 – "Type 407 – The Watershed"
58Autumn 1981Fitting a Diaphragm Clutch
59Winter 1981Chapter 10 – "BS Series Competition Engines pt. 1"
60Spring 1982Chapter 10 – "BS Series Competition Engines pt. 2"
61Summer 1982Chapter 11 – Type 408
62Autumn 1982Concours Ragley Hall '82
63Spring 1983Chapter 12 – "Type 409"
64Summer 1983Chapter 13 – "Type 410"
65Autumn 1983Chapter 14 – "Type 411"
66Spring 1984Chapter 15 – "Type 412"; T.A.D. Crook – Racing part 1
67Indian Summer 1984First of the Few – Prototype 400; T.A.D. Crook part 2
68Autumn 1984Bristol Brigand Road Test
69Winter 1984Club Stand Brighton C.C. Show/T.A.D. Crook part 3
70Spring 1985Chrysler Torqueflite; T.A.D. Crook – Racing part 4
71Summer 1985Chrysler 360 V8 Engine; Arnolts
72Winter 1985/861985 Concours; Rally at Holdenby House
73Spring 1986400/401 Service Data
74Summer 1986Turbocharged Bristols
75Winter 1987Four Wheeled Britannia
76Summer 1987603 Appreciation/411 Rebuild
77Autumn 1987Bristol Day at Stoneleigh Abbey
78Spring 1988Arnolt Bristols
79Summer 1988Model Mania
80Autumn 1988Concours 1988; French Leave
81Winter 1988/89Ramblings; French Visit
82Spring 1989Beaufighter Experiences
83Summer 1989Classic Car Show Birmingham
84Autumn 1989Norwich Union; RAC Classic
85Winter 1989/90Concours 1989; T Crook Racing (repeat)
86Spring 1990MkII Cooper Bristol; T Crook Racing (repeat)
87Summer 1990Concours 1990 & Norwich Union Classic
88Autumn 1990French Weekend
89Winter 1990/91-
90Spring 1991AGM and T Crook Racing (rpt)
91Summer 19916th Norwich Union Classic
92Autumn 1991'The Kemish Transcript'
93Winter 1991/92Concours 1991; T Crook Racing (rpt)
94Winter 1992Register Reports; Update to Chassis List
95Summer 1992How Bristol Cars are built
96Autumn 1992My Motor Racing – Tony Crook
97Winter 1992/93Visit to Château Lescomtes
98Spring 1993Spring Weekend and AGM
99Summer 1993Tuning the Bristol 2 Litre Engine
100Autumn 1993The New Blenheim
101Winter 1993/94V8 Front Suspension and Brakes
102Spring 1994Type 110 Engine Specifications
103Winter 1994/95Concours 1994
104Spring 19952 Litre Handling; Chairman's Dinner
105Summer 1995Le JOG
106Autumn 1995Improving Indicators and Lighting Type 400
107Winter 1995/96Bristol/Bordeaux Re-Run
108Spring 1996410 Story in USA
109Summer 1996Bristol Model History
110Autumn 1996FIVA Rally
111Winter 1996/97FIVA Rally and Le Jog
112Summer 1997Obituary Raymond Cross
113Spring 1998Norwegian Trip; 400 Shooting Brake
114Summer 1998Blenheim 2 revealed; Fun in a 412
115Autumn/Winter 19981998 Concours collage; Netherlands Rally
Obit. Dudley Hobbs
117Millennium EditionFBHVC; Baltic trip; Blenheim 3; Dead Slow 403 Part I
118Spring 20001999 Coys Festival; AGM 2000; Dead Slow 403 Part II
119Autumn 2000Spanish tour; Catching Bristolitis; Dead Slow 403 Part III
120Spring 2001410 to Budapest; Dead Slow 403 Part IV
122Winter 2001US/Canada Tour; RAC Rally 1951-58
123Spring 2002Death of a 408; 405 Liège to Rome
124Summer 2002Touring Bristols; Irish tour; 405 brakes
125Winter 20022-L head overhaul; Arnolt restoration; Sevier Lecture 1976
126Spring 2003Sydney Gibbens Obituary; Oil temp & presure
127Autumn 2003John Emery and Harry Wareham Obituaries; SA Tour
128Winter 2003Le Mans 2003; Aeroplanes to Aerodynes I (D Hobbs);
Bletchley Concours
129Summer 2004BOC on the Internet; Aeroplanes to Aerodynes II;
Greek Tour
130Winter 2004Aeroplanes to Aerodynes III — 404, 450

Rows shown in pink are colour issues.

Articles, Road Tests etc.

Photocopies of road test and other articles are available at 10p per page, plus the postage & packing charges listed above. Photocopies will be supplied in colour if we have colour originals, monochrome otherwise.

Please note that the missing numbers refer to articles which are reproduced in either or both of the Brooklands Books Gold Portfolio (ISBN 1 85520 5637) and the Unique Motor Books Bristol Cars Portfolio (ISBN 1 901 977 64 1). Both portfolios may be obtained through booksellers; the Brooklands Books portfolio is also available through the club Regalia service.

The full list is available here.