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Bristol Blenheim 4S/G

Production: 2009 - 2009

Further evolution of the Blenheim type of which only one produced. New features including

  • air conditioning integrated into the heater/vent system, obviating the under-dash arrangement featured since the 411
  • rear air-con outlets featured for the first time on a Bristol
  • full specification Blenheim S
  • alternative LPG fuel system features tanks concealed behind fully upholstered panels
  • LPG fueled via hidden spring flap on driver's side matching that on the passenger side used for petrol refuelling
  • rain gutters replaced with parallel integral roof panel gulleys
  • dash, steering wheel and centre console now attired in leather (black PVC used previously)
  • heated front seats
  • reversing sensors
  • body remodelled
  • all panels unique