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Bristol Types 603 E and S

Production: 1976 - 1978

When the Type 603 was first unveiled, it was available in two versions, 603 S (Sports) or 603 E (Economy), both having the same body style, which was once more designed in house. The ground clearance was somewhat better than that of the 411, and the pillars at front and rear slimmed to give unparalleled all-round vision. As in the 411, the cabin was vented at the rear via two grilles in the rear parcel shelf.

Unlike the 411, however, these led into a void above the boot lid and were exhausted via a series of holes just above the boot lid seal. To prevent ingress of water, the holes were covered on the outside by a soft rubber flap that acted as a valve, and was held in place with an aluminium strip. Another new feature was the ventilation intake, inset into the bonnet just in front of the windscreen.

The cabin had become still more luxurious, with the provision of electric seats and air conditioning as standard. Two levers mounted on the gearstick console operated solenoids to release the boot lid and fuel filler flap, just behind the left rear quarterlight.

603E 603S
Capacity (cc) 52111 5900
Bore (mm) 99.31 101.6
Stroke (mm) 84.07 90.93
Compression ratio 8.5:1 8.4:1
Carbrettor barrels 2 4
Torque conv ratio 2.07:1 2.23:1
1st gear 7.06
2nd gear 4.18
3rd gear 2.88
Torque conv diam (ins) 11¾ 10¾
Speed @ 1000rpm (mph) 28.2
Performance (approx.)
0 - 30 (sec) 4.7 2.9
0 - 60 (sec) 10.9 7.6
0 - 100 (sec) N/A 19
Top speed (mph) ? 135