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Bristol Type 400 - 2 litre Saloon

Production: 1946 - 1950

First Series prototypes were introduced to the Motoring Press in the summer of 1946.
First Production models were leaving the factory in volume late in 1946 and early 1947.
Second Series was introduced in 1948. Production ceased in 1950.

  • 2-door saloon
  • Type included two Prototype Dropheads by Bristol
  • Drophead bodies styled by Farina
  • Saloon bodies styled by Touring and Zagato
  • Special one-off designs by others, including a timber framed and panelled 4 door Hyde
First SeriesFirst Series
Production: 1946 - 1947
The First Series of this type has a top hung smooth boot lid, the spare wheel being contained within the Boot. The bumpers were chromed tubular steel and shaped to follow the body contours. There were curved overriders front and rear....
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Second SeriesSecond Series
Production: 1948 - 1950
Second series Type 400 saloon built in 1948. First series cars had smaller headlamp units, as can be seen from the picture of the prototype above. This car has modern trafficators fitted below the front bumpers to improve upon the original semaphore or flipper type units retained mounted behind the doors....
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