Bristol Type 603 Saloon to Type Brigand 2

Production: 1976 -

Model Introduced Discontinued
603 S & E 1976 1978
603 Series 2 1978 1982
Britannia & Brigand 1982 1994
Blenheim 1994 1997
Blenheim 2 1998 1999
Blenheim 3 2000 N/A
Blenheim 3S 2001
Blenheim 3G 2002
Bristol Types 603 E and SBristol Types 603 E and S
Production: 1976 - 1978
When the Type 603 was first unveiled, it was available in two versions, 603 S (Sports) or 603 E (Economy), both having the same body style, which was once more designed in house. The ground clearance was somewhat better than that of the 411, and the pillars at front and rear slimmed to give unparalleled all-round vision. As in the 411, the cabin was vented at the rear via two grilles in the rear parcel shelf....
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Bristol Type 603 (Series 2)Bristol Type 603 (Series 2)
Production: 1978 - 1982
When the S2 was introduced, the alternate performance specifications were dropped and the engine performance package standardized. One of the most obvious differences is that the rear cabin venting scheme reverted to the 411 formula, i.e. the two rear exhaust grilles were ducted down to the rear wing flanks where they issued in vents fitted with attractive matt black vanes....
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Bristol Britannia + Brigand (Series 3)Bristol Britannia + Brigand (Series 3)
Production: 1982 - 1994
BritanniaThe third series marked a more radical departure. Not only was there a new body treatment: two performance specifications were once more on offer, each now bearing the name of one of the Bristol Aeroplane Company products....
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Bristol BlenheimBristol Blenheim
Production: 1994 -
The fourth series amply justifies not only the adoption of another famous Bristol Aeroplane Company name, but also a page of its own....
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