Type 403


The Type 403 is the logical development of the aerodyne. The complaints of the 401 were systematically tackled but such was the effectiveness of the body design that the major differences are all beneath the skin.

The most obvious external differences are as follows:

403 Special or Non Standard Body cars

403 NSB

Chassis number 1348 has been very professionally modified to form an attractive drophead body cut down after the fashion of the 402 and is now classified a 403 NSB. The rear of this car is not as the standard 403 and not as the 402. It is pleasing to note that the owner has reinstated all of the 403 numbers on the body including the new boot lid. It is not known if the revised body was fitted internally with additional bracing.

The previous car is now classified as a 403/2. The following cars are now classified as normal 403s. The confusions have now been largely cleared up. — CPKS 2008

403 NSB

Chassis number 1485 is fitted with a walnut dashboard. Not known whether this is a later addition or original ex works.

Folland 403 with perspex windscreen


Chassis number 1502, registered as SHW 67, was fitted with a recessed one piece perspex front windscreen. It is pictured in the first of the Club videos. Owned originally by Folland Aircraft Co. Ltd, the car was badly damaged whilst being driven by its subsequent owner and was treated as an insurance write off. He told me that his survival of the ordeal had been due in part to the full aircraft style seat harness which had also fitted and which justifiably he transferred to his next Bristol.

403 NSB

A third car, a slight puzzle apparently registered WMF 917, was displayed at the concours in Bristol circa 92/93 wearing 403 numbers, and fitted with a one piece flush glass windscreen. This one looks similar to the unit fitted to the Morris Minor. Flashing trafficators have been set into the front and probably rear bumpers possibly ex.Volkswagen. Can anyone identify the chassis number? The registration was last reported by a club member on 401 chassis 850 — which was also reported fitted with a 3 cyl. Diesel engine. However no club member has reported this registration moved onto a 403 chassis. If this particular car is built on chassis 850, it is not and never was a 403 and should not be bearing 403 numbers.