Bristol Type 407Bristol Type 407
Production: 1961 - 1963
Introduced in 1961, this was the first production Bristol with a Chrysler V8 engine. Production ceased in 1963....
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Bristol Type 408 SaloonBristol Type 408 Saloon
Production: 1963 - 1966
Two series were made; unusually for Bristol, the second series was named the 408 Mark 2. The Type 408 was introduced in 1963. The Mark 2 was introduced in 1965 and discontinued in 1966....
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Bristol Type 409 - 5.2 Litre SaloonBristol Type 409 - 5.2 Litre Saloon
Production: 1965 - 1968
Athough there never was an official second series, the later cars featured some major mechanical changes: power steering and a revised, much lighter engine package. The Type 409 was introduced in 1965. The revisions mentioned were introduced in 1967, and production ceased in 1968....
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Bristol Type 410 SaloonBristol Type 410 Saloon
Production: 1967 - 1969
The Type 410 sported a new smoother, neater body style. It was introduced in 1967 and discontinued in 1969. The production series body is easily identified by the linked tramline trims on the flanks, the body trim being extended from the front to the rear of the car. In its revised frontal treatment, the outer lamps are partly fared into the body, not on a flat panel as on the Types 408 and 409....
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Bristol Type 411Bristol Type 411
Production: 1968 - 1976
Five versions of this Type were produced. A new body styling was introduced with the Series 3....
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Bristol Type 412 - Convertible / SaloonBristol Type 412 - Convertible / Saloon
Production: 1975 - 1994
This Type introduced a radical change: the completely new body style was designed, and also initially fabricated, by Carrozzeria Zagato of Milan. Later series, shown below, were UK-made in their entirety by Bristol Cars Ltd....
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Bristol Type 603 Saloon to Type Brigand 2Bristol Type 603 Saloon to Type Brigand 2
Production: 1976 -
Model Introduced Discontinued 603 S & E 1976 1978 603 Series 2 1978 1982 Britannia & Brigand 1982 1994 Blenheim 1994 1997 Blenheim 2 1998 1999 Blenheim 3 2000 N/A Blenheim 3S 2001 Blenheim 3G 2002 ...
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Bristol BlenheimBristol Blenheim
Production: 1994 -
ModelIntroducedDiscontinued Blenheim19941997 Blenheim 219981999 Blenheim 320002009 Blenheim 3S2001 Blenheim 3G2002 Blenheim 42009N/A ...
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Bristol Blenheim SpeedsterBristol Blenheim Speedster
Production: 2002 - 2002
The Speedster, announced late in 2002, was developed from a much earlier body style reminiscent of the 405 Drophead, though in a 2 seat version without folding fabric hood. Now fitted with Blenheim Sports pack and running gear, brakes etc. This undisguised Sports Car is fitted with a low wrap-round screen and a tonneau cover – but no roof nor folding hood – is easily capable of more than 150mph....
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Bristol FighterBristol Fighter
Production: 2004 -
The Fighter had been a twinkle in Bristol's eye for many years, but the cost of development required an injection of capital that was not to occur until Toby Silverton's acquisition in about 1997....
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