Forum: Purpose, Rules & Guidelines


  1. The purpose of BOCForum is for participants to solicit and exchange views and information that are in conformance with the rules, aims and objectives of the Bristol Owners' Club.
  2. The purpose of BOCForum is also to create a welcoming atmosphere of friendly, entertaining and constructive discussion.
  3. The causing of offence, accidentally or deliberately, is expressly excluded from the purposes of the BOCForum.


Rule Number Rule Reason
1 Postings that are abusive or defamatory, either to individuals or to organizations, are out of place on BOCForum. Purpose 3
2 Postings irrelevant to the aims and objectives of the Bristol Owners' Club are out of place on BOCForum. Purpose 1
3 Postings that are out of place on BOCForum may be subject to exclusion by the moderators. Giving effect to Rules 1 and 2
4 Postings that may give offence will be excluded by the moderators. Purposes 2 and 3
5 Anonymous identities are not admitted to BOCForum.
(Note: pseudonyms are permitted, but these must so resolve that one individual cannot have a plurality of pseudonyms.)
Purpose 2
6 Moderators are required to remove postings that may violate the rules. Rules 3 & 4
7 Moderators may act to bar individuals from participation in the BOCForum.
8 Contact and car information pertaining to BOC members may not be published on the BOCForum without permission of the member. Data Protection Act
9 Current car ownership information may not be published on the BOCForum without permission of the owner in question. Purpose 1


Guideline Number Guideline Reason
1 Postings ought to be relevant to the aims and objectives of the Club. Purpose 1
2 Postings should be made in a spirit of friendly co-operation. Purpose 2
3 Rather than using e-mail attachments, participants should use the Photos Section to post pictures and the Files Section for reference documents and other larger materials. Attachments don't work so well.
4 Participants should use the Forum proportionately, i.e. excessive postings are to be avoided. Purpose 2
5 Moderators should privately warn participants against infractions of the guidelines. Either the guidelines are unreasonable, or infringing them is unreasonable. Either way, the issue ought to be resolved.
6 Moderators should ban from participation those individuals who show disregard for the rules, or persistent disregard for the guidelines. Moderators only have so much time and patience. They function best when this is not presumed upon.
7 If a participant feels that he has been treated unfairly by a moderator, that participant may appeal via another moderator to the moderation committee.


The Bristol Owners' Club, its members, officers and officials cannot accept responsibility for any advice, opinion or comment given within BOCForum.

Hints on how to use Forum


If you're not a BOC member, you're still welcome to join the forums. Simply complete the registration form. BOC members are joined automatically, and can reach the forums via a link in the members' area.

Viewing messages

Some of the forum sections are viewable if you're not logged in. To see them all, you need to log in. BOC members who use the link from the members' area are logged in automatically. The “top view” of the forum shows the various sections (Club news, Sales & Wants, Two-Litre, V8 etc.). If you just want to see all the topics, there is a “Main Options” menu at the top right that allows you to see “All Topics” as a single list. Responses to main topic posts are shown only when you view the topic in question.


To contribute a message, you must use the "New Topic" or "Reply" facility on the Forum web site. You cannot post messages by e-mail.

Changing Settings

To change your settings (e.g. e-mail preferences, e-mail address etc.), use the "Edit Account" link at the top left of the Forum pages. You can elect to receive notifications on a per-forum basis, so (for example) you could select notifications of any new postings in the Two Litre area whilst not being notified of changes in the V8 section. You can choose whether to receive the notifications as e-mail messages or as "Private messages" that are sent to a mailbox on the forum system itself.

Any questions?

If so, please e-mail the postmaster E-mail.