Data Protection Policy


  1. The Club specifically forbids the use by members of members' personal and car details for any commercial purpose.
  2. The Club will not use or disclose personal or car details for any purpose not described or referred to below.

Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Act 1998 created new law about how organizations, such as the Bristol Owners' Club ("the Club"), can hold and use information. The data protection policy set out here and below describes Information and Activities which the Club may undertake and perform during the life of each member (including any period after membership has ceased):


  • Personal details in respect of each member (meaning name, postal, e-mail and other addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers, and membership status); and
  • Car details in respect of each car under member's care or control or owned by them (car owners' names, country of residence and other details including chassis information, registration, body, former owners, history, photographic records and other information about the vehicle in the Club).


  1. Obtaining, holding, processing, using and disclosing Information in connexion with:
    • administration, management and business activities of the Club, including making and keeping lists of members and members' cars and lists of Car Details by any means of identity;
    • research;
    • production and publication by any means of the Club Bulletin, newsletters or other publications, or material about the Club, its members and/or cars including lists; and
    • Release and distribution of Information and other information held by virtue of the above activities, or in the Club records, within and outside the European Economic Area to members, the Club, and car clubs and organisations interested in Bristol cars;
  2. confirming to any third party whether or not any person is a member of the Club;
  3. providing Approved Organizations with lists of members' surnames (an "Approved Organization" means a person, company, firm, or organization offering or providing a service or goods to members under a Club-adopted scheme for the time being); and
  4. anything ancillary or incidental to any of the foregoing.