Bristol Type 410 — Saloon

The Type 410 sported a new smoother, neater body style. It was introduced in 1967 and discontinued in 1969.

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Price new£5,674/1/10d
Capacity (
Capacity (cc)5,211
Length16' 1½"
Width5' 8"
Height4' 11"
Weight (cwt)32½
Top Speed130
Consumption (mpg)12-16

Bristol Type 410 Saloon

The production series body is easily identified by the linked tramline trims on the flanks, the body trim being extended from the front to the rear of the car. In its revised frontal treatment, the outer lamps are partly fared into the body, not on a flat panel as on the Types 408 and 409. It was the first model to be fitted as standard with 15 inch wheels on rims that allowed a choice of wider treads, and also suited the more commonly available tyre sizes. The most obvious difference internally is the return of an auto gear shift lever set centrally into the floor pan.

410 front — click for 150Kb image 410 Rear — click for 136Kb image 410 — click for 142Kb image
Note new headlamp arrangement. Just to confuse matters further, this particular Type 410 has been also been retro-fitted with Type 411 trims to body flanks. Note the oval vertical rear light cluster arrangement and vestigial body wing fins. This car has the correct 410 side trims linked at front and rear.

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